The Bulgarian Monitoring and Evaluation Network (BEN) is a non-profit association for performing public benefit activities. It is registered with Sofia City Court, decision file No 626/2016.

The Association aims to mobilize the potential of civil society for monitoring and evaluation of the economic, fiscal and social policy in the Republic of Bulgaria.

Its members consist of renowned Bulgarian economists, legal professionals, sociologists, and psychologists, as well as professional organizations that work in the area of monitoring and evaluation (M&E). It was initiated and is represented by the Norwegian M&E expert, Lars Tov Soeftestad.

BEN provides services for the evaluation of the efforts of institutions and organizations for achieving faster national growth, a competitive economy and adequate social support.

Activities include: data analysis, organizing and conducting research, preparing scientifically grounded forecasts, publishing, consulting services, design, and distribution of scientific works and training materials.

We work for:

  • Creation, implementation and development of the network’s potential function in cooperation with other national and international evaluation networks;

  • Exchange of good practices and interaction for monitoring of management processes;

  • Stimulating the links between science, education and business through the development, implementation and maintenance of standardized procedures for evaluation, analysis and monitoring;

  • Assisting in the preparation of assignments on projects and supporting the implementation of projects in the economic, fiscal and social environment.

We organize and conduct:

  • Meetings, seminars, exchanges, trainings, conferences and other events at national and international levels;

  • Monitoring and evaluation activities in compliance with the best international practices and European standards;

  • Information campaigns, publications, presentations, and media appearances directed at the public, and with a focus on the essence and benefits of monitoring and evaluation;

  • Cooperation with Bulgarian and foreign institutions, organizations, and specialists;

  • Projects and programmes, including development, implementation, and evaluation and monitoring.

BEN is the first national association in Bulgaria which upholds professional standards and procedures for M&E of projects, programmes and policies.